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Keystroke Capture software

Keystroke Capture software is convenient and secret monitoring tool to record what others (including friends, spouse, kids and employees) do on your computer system while you are away. Professional Keylogger program traces every keyboard activity including online chat conversation, visited website, send messages and other similar information. Key Logger software is complete solution for Parents, Office manager, PC owner, Internet cafe etc.

Keystroke Capture software

Keystroke Capture software
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Keystroke Capture software gives you full control on your PC and is invisible on windows environment including Start menu, Add/Remove program, Desktop and even hides software installation files from the external users. Key stroke recorder program is password protected to prevent unauthorized user to change and modify software.

Parents can easily identify children activities on PC like

  • Visited website (including URL’s, site title etc)
  • Time spend on playing internet games
  • Online chat conversation

Identify employee’s PC activities including

  • Helps to detect if employees are doing unofficial work during office time using internet.
  • Taking online chat conversation on popular Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, Windows live messenger etc during Office hours.
  • Helps to detect employees daily work performance.

Software Features

  • Easily and secretly monitors all typed keystrokes activities including search engine (AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo etc) searches, instant messages, typed login id, password and other similar keyboard activities on your Desktop and Laptop system.
  • Software runs in Standard or Hidden mode and is not detected in the Start menu, Add/Remove program, and even remains hidden in installation files and folder.
  • Fully capable to record login time and date of every session created.
  • Generate reports of recorded data in txt or html file formats.
  • Provide password protected facility to prevent external users from starting/stopping the monitoring process as well as changing or modifying software configuration settings.
  • Undetectable keylogger software bypasses all major anti-keylogger, antivirus in an effective manner.
  • Provide facility to set hot key and run command settings to access the keyloggers application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Easily generate encrypted log file and send them to predefined email address.

User Friendly GUI Interface

Keylogger Software provides extremely easy-to-understand graphical user interface so that novice user can easily understand software features and functionality without requiring any prior technical skills and training to operate the software.